Two new recent masks.

I have released two new mask designs, exclusively Creations by Michael Maxfield and are available on

Trouble With Pugs

Trouble With Pugs feature two rowdy and obnoxious pugs, well desrving of having their faces shown in public. It is a three layer mask with a satin face and a microfiber middle layer. The retail price is $15 at

Michigan City Lakefront

Michigan City Lakefront features various views of the two lighthouse structures, Millennium Plaza, and a special visit by a full size replica off Columbus’ Nina. The first generation of this mask sells for $12.00. Future versions will be $15.00 at

Very soon now, I will be offering One-Off custom design masks, either based on your design, or designed per your specifications. These masks will be starting at $18.00 each and will be the standard comfortable three layer masks with a microfiber middle layer and a microfiber, polyester or silk like front facing layer. The rear layer will be of a cotton or cotton blend of a color complimentary of the face of the mask.

Wearing a mask got me sick.

The other day I saw a meme, a screenshot of a tweet from Twitter, on Facebook, where someone claimed their neighbor’s children started school two weeks ago. They wore masks while at school and wound up sick, They were tested for Covid-19 and turned out NEGATIVE. Instead they were diagnosed with a bacterial infection.

Internet meme

First off, it looks like the mask may have worked in preventing the chidren from catching Covid, but that is not something provable or not, nor does it matter. What is of concern is that if the children did catch a bacterial infection from their masks, then perhaps the problem is the way they are storing their masks, in a petri dish perhaps… placing them in a plastic baggie hanging from the bedpost at night when not wearing them…

Whoa! Hold on a moment Nellie! so perhaps when they are done with the mask for the day they put it in a baggie to keep it clean to wear it again tomorrow? I guess the petri dish comment wasn’t far from reality, perhaps?

One comment I saw on Facebook in response to this meme was “You’re suppose to wash your s**t!”

It’s not rocket science, folks. It’s not anything difficult either.

CDC suggests either throwing them in with your regular laundry, or if by hand using bleach.

Another source, Nation Disaster Recovery, mentions that even regular soap water will work. Just make sure to make sure the mask is dry after washing before using it again.

The Mayo Clinic has a similar procedure.

Another article I found previously stated that just about any soap, even shampoo or dish soap, would work. Here is an article from Market Watch which explains how soap works against the virus. Soap is in fact better than alcohol or sanitizers.

So did the children get sick from the mask? I’m no medical professional, but common sense and from what I read says NO! If in fact they did get sick, it wasn’t from the mask, but failure to wash the mask.

Perhaps they had one of those disposable masks which are NOT REUSABLE! Or perhaps they had a reusable mask with a replaceable filter? OPK, so you replace the filter, BUT YOU STILL NEED TO WASH THE REST OF THE MASK. Replacing the filter does not magically clean any harmful substances from the other layers.

When I started making masks and showed my work to a lady at Joanne Fabrics and how I incorporated a middle microfiber layer. She suggested I try making a pocket instead for a disposable filter. WHY? The rest of the mask still needs to be washed. And what a pain it would be cutting coffee filters to fit into the mask… so difficult that some might just forgo replacing the filter, giving them in all reality, a two layer mask with a missing filter.

There’s a saying when it comes to PPE. Which is the best [type of PPE?] The best [type of PPE] is that which gets worn. Let’s add “properly” to worn. Wash it! Cover the mouth and the two nostrils. If it has replaceable disposable filters, wash the outer layer then REPLACE THE FILTER. Wash your mask(s) at least once a day. Yes, maskS PLURAL. Like it or not, we are in this for the long run. I can imagine that another year is not unrealistic.

This box, located in our dining room, contains perhaps 30 clean masks which my wife and I use daily. There are also a couple in there for the grandkids, but for the most part, this is our personal supply, which when used, the mask is placed in a laundry bag near the laundry room where they are washed once a week, or more often if we are running short.


The Making of a Mask

We, the singular we, work to provide you a quality product which will be comfortable to the wearer while working to reduce your risks while out in public. No commonly available mask can protect you 100%. The goal is that the mask, in conjunction with social distancing and proper sanitary measure, will drastically reduce your risk of exposure to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the virus which causes the Covid-19 disease, as well as other flu and cold viruses which may be lingering.

Often one hears the question, pertaining to PPE, “Which one is better?” The answer is realistically, the one which gets worn. Suppose the question referred to safety work boots. There’s the 15 pound steel toe boots with 52 inch laces and 16 lace holes… then there’s the 4 pound composite with lace lashing posts that can be fastened in 45 seconds. Perhaps the steel toe offers 10% better protection, but with weight and preparation time, perhaps shortcuts will happen and they won’t be worn. The best PPE is that which gets worn.

When putting this in the context of masks, You, as an ordinary citizen, are nt even likely to get your hands on a mask (system… it won’t be just a mask) which gives full protection, and if you could, it might be so obtrusive that you probably wouldn’t wear it religiously… “I just need to go into the store for a second. I’ll be back out in less time than it takes to put the mask assembly on.” Nope, not good at all.

My masks are meant to be comfortable. The ear loops hold the mask in place, but do not try to yank your ears to your cheeks. The lower edge is designed to cup around the chin, and the upper edge is shaped to ride the ridge of the nose down to your mouth area. The mask is not stretched tight over the mouth, and there is room inside the mask for breathing through a larger surface area than just that area over the mouth and nostrils. This is where the comfort begins.

The lining on the face side of the mask is cotton or a cotton blend. The next layer, the inside layer, is microfiber using it’s characteristics to act as a filter with its finer openings and it’s electrical reaction to moisture and dirt.

The outer layers, of our standard masks, are usually cotton or a cotton blend. The fabric may vary should the customer provide their own fabric for the outer layer. Cotton or a cotton mix is recommended, and should you find a pattern you like on microfiber, that might be acceptable as well.

We start with a blank of quilters craft fabric for the face side of the mask and cut the material to the proper size and shape.
We select our microfiber and that to cut it down to working pieces.
We make a selection for the outside layer of the mask and cut out our working pieces of that as well.
We match our mask parts together, sew them up, and trim them before flipping them inside out for completion.
All that’s needed now are the ear loops.
We add the ear loops, fasten the ends, and….
We have a completed mask.

Price point selected. $8.00 per mask

After a little thought, and calculating expenses, time involved, and lack of time to spend elsewhere, and with some clients suggesting that I should charge more, I have arrived at the price of $8.00 per mask, although the marketing person in me screaming to get out suggests I should charge $8.99 as a more attention grabbing price.

Therefore I will have two pricing tiers. For most people the price will be:


However, if you want to feel special and superior, I will be offering the same product for an attention grabbing:


The choice is yours. Budget or MQL. It’s all the same to us.

Overload. Part 2. SUPPLY SHORTAGE.

Popped out 18 masks for delivery Monday morning and ended up with another six orders… I’m short the face side lining for one mask. Looks like a late morning trip to Joanne’s before I get to bed for tonight’s shift…. Also have a few I need to make for family so I need much more face side lining. Plenty of inner microfiber lining and front facing pattern fabric though.

The last four masks possible until a resupply trip to Joanne Fabrics later today.

When is a mask, not a mask?

My grandson loves his mask. He wears it without fault… except it is the only mask he will wear. His uncle has the exact same mask pattern, although in a slightly larger size, and he loves that he and his uncle have the same mask. Any other mask, is not a mask as far as he is concerned… perhaps he will change his mind eventually, or perhaps his uncle is going to have to get some new masks to match what we want to make for grandson.

For Connar, it isn’t a mask unless it is this pattern.