Two new recent masks.

I have released two new mask designs, exclusively Creations by Michael Maxfield and are available on

Trouble With Pugs

Trouble With Pugs feature two rowdy and obnoxious pugs, well desrving of having their faces shown in public. It is a three layer mask with a satin face and a microfiber middle layer. The retail price is $15 at

Michigan City Lakefront

Michigan City Lakefront features various views of the two lighthouse structures, Millennium Plaza, and a special visit by a full size replica off Columbus’ Nina. The first generation of this mask sells for $12.00. Future versions will be $15.00 at

Very soon now, I will be offering One-Off custom design masks, either based on your design, or designed per your specifications. These masks will be starting at $18.00 each and will be the standard comfortable three layer masks with a microfiber middle layer and a microfiber, polyester or silk like front facing layer. The rear layer will be of a cotton or cotton blend of a color complimentary of the face of the mask.

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