Wearing a mask got me sick.

The other day I saw a meme, a screenshot of a tweet from Twitter, on Facebook, where someone claimed their neighbor’s children started school two weeks ago. They wore masks while at school and wound up sick, They were tested for Covid-19 and turned out NEGATIVE. Instead they were diagnosed with a bacterial infection.

Internet meme

First off, it looks like the mask may have worked in preventing the chidren from catching Covid, but that is not something provable or not, nor does it matter. What is of concern is that if the children did catch a bacterial infection from their masks, then perhaps the problem is the way they are storing their masks, in a petri dish perhaps… placing them in a plastic baggie hanging from the bedpost at night when not wearing them…

Whoa! Hold on a moment Nellie! so perhaps when they are done with the mask for the day they put it in a baggie to keep it clean to wear it again tomorrow? I guess the petri dish comment wasn’t far from reality, perhaps?

One comment I saw on Facebook in response to this meme was “You’re suppose to wash your s**t!”

It’s not rocket science, folks. It’s not anything difficult either.

CDC suggests either throwing them in with your regular laundry, or if by hand using bleach.

Another source, Nation Disaster Recovery, mentions that even regular soap water will work. Just make sure to make sure the mask is dry after washing before using it again.

The Mayo Clinic has a similar procedure.

Another article I found previously stated that just about any soap, even shampoo or dish soap, would work. Here is an article from Market Watch which explains how soap works against the virus. Soap is in fact better than alcohol or sanitizers.

So did the children get sick from the mask? I’m no medical professional, but common sense and from what I read says NO! If in fact they did get sick, it wasn’t from the mask, but failure to wash the mask.

Perhaps they had one of those disposable masks which are NOT REUSABLE! Or perhaps they had a reusable mask with a replaceable filter? OPK, so you replace the filter, BUT YOU STILL NEED TO WASH THE REST OF THE MASK. Replacing the filter does not magically clean any harmful substances from the other layers.

When I started making masks and showed my work to a lady at Joanne Fabrics and how I incorporated a middle microfiber layer. She suggested I try making a pocket instead for a disposable filter. WHY? The rest of the mask still needs to be washed. And what a pain it would be cutting coffee filters to fit into the mask… so difficult that some might just forgo replacing the filter, giving them in all reality, a two layer mask with a missing filter.

There’s a saying when it comes to PPE. Which is the best [type of PPE?] The best [type of PPE] is that which gets worn. Let’s add “properly” to worn. Wash it! Cover the mouth and the two nostrils. If it has replaceable disposable filters, wash the outer layer then REPLACE THE FILTER. Wash your mask(s) at least once a day. Yes, maskS PLURAL. Like it or not, we are in this for the long run. I can imagine that another year is not unrealistic.

This box, located in our dining room, contains perhaps 30 clean masks which my wife and I use daily. There are also a couple in there for the grandkids, but for the most part, this is our personal supply, which when used, the mask is placed in a laundry bag near the laundry room where they are washed once a week, or more often if we are running short.


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