Creations by Michael Maxfield

Masks $8.99 each or Budget Masks $8.00 each

Nonni Muess wears a mask.
So should you.

Creations by Michael Maxfield is currently making a modified Jessie Mask design. The variations include a pair of mostly painless to the ears elastic loops and lack of a metal or wire nose piece.

The CbMM modified mask consists of three layers. The rear layer which comes in contact with the face is made of cotton or a cotton blend. The middle inner layer, which serves as a filter, is made of microfiber fabric. The outer layer, although preferred to be cotton, might be of another material, (however the less stretchable, the better) depending upon the patron’s choice of fabric pattern.

The mask should be washed daily or more often, with soap and warm water. Hot water, above 140 degrees, may damage or melt the microfiber fabric. In addition, drying temperature should be kept below 140 degrees.

It is suggested that you do NOT use fabric softener during the washing process. The fabric softener will clog the openings in the microfiber as well as alter the microfiber’s electrical properties which benefit in it’s use as a filter.

Wash your hands before touching the inside of the mask. Wash your hands before touching your face, eyes and nose. In relation to the mask, your hands during normal life are at the same contamination environment as the outside of the mask as well as your clothing. The inside of the mask is the environment of your mouth and nose. Either one may be contaminated with the virus. You do not want to transfer anything inside the mask to the outside, nor anything outside the mask to the inside.